Never wait to do a photoshoot.

Read on to see why those next 20 lbs you want to lose won’t make a difference. 

I have heard it time and time again. “I really want to do a shoot, but I want to wait until I lose weight.”

But honestly, you shouldn’t wait to do a photoshoot!

There is just one problem. You are telling yourself that you aren’t worthy unless you are perfect. I wonder what would happen if we apply this mentality to everything in our life. It would be like waiting until you could perfect a world class recipe before trying to cook. Or moving into a house and not inviting a soul until it was perfectly remodeled and magazine worthy. It would be like waiting to have kids until you had money saved for birth through college tuition. 

Doesn’t that all sound crazy? 

There is nothing else in life that has to be perfect before sharing, so why do you apply that same thought to yourself?

Listen my dear. You are worth it now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. If you think the photos will look better later, you are wrong. You look gorgeous, worthy and stunning right now. 

I know you don’t even believe it. It is hard to want to invest in yourself when everything else seems to be tugging you in every direction. If you really want to wait until a goal is achieved, make it a shorter, more attainable goal. My best advice is to book the shoot now. That way, you have something concrete to work towards. Don’t work towards an arbitrary point in time. Small chunks of time are easier to work through. 

How do you choose when that will be? For me, 12 weeks is completely manageable. I can set goals for that time frame and work towards them. Three months can fly by in a flash, but if you take baby steps every day towards your goal you can achieve it. 

At the end of the day, I can take off at least 10 lbs with posing and lighting so we make sure your insecurities are not what you notice. 

We never truly know what tomorrow will bring, so celebrate yourself today and never wait to do a photoshoot.

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Until next time, Diane

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