The Boudoir Experience Process

If you have never heard of boudoir photography before, the process can seem not only foreign, but downright daunting. Just deciding you want a album can seem intimidating as you aren’t even sure you will like the outcome.

Don’t worry lovey! I got you, so no matter who you contact you will have a better idea of what to expect. 

You obviously have to look through someone’s website or portfolio to decide if their style is something you like. Even within a specific niche as boudoir there tons of micro-niches ranging from playful and colorful to sultry and erotic. You have to decide what kind of image speaks to you. If you see both styles on a website, I encourage you to specifically ask if it is a choice on which style they shoot or if one is a newer style.

I can’t speak to all Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographers processes…but here is an outline of what my Boudoir Experience is!

Once you decide you like their style of what they offer, go ahead and fill out that contact me form! You should be contacted shortly on the next step. A pro tip is to make sure you fill out your email and phone number correctly, and check your email’s spam folder if you don’t see anything. 

Now here is where it starts to differ. Not all photographers do this but MANY in this genre will want to get on the phone and chat about your expectations and session. I know. Who even LIKES talking on the phone these days! But stay with me. This is the best way to lay out expectations for the shoot without lengthy emails and allow them to answer any questions you have in one fail swoop. 

The Phone convo details: 

  • Whether or not hair and makeup is included in the session price
  • Length of shoot and time of day
  • Days available for booking (some may only shoot weekdays, only weekends etc)
  • Timing of booking, whether there is availability within your expected timeframe and project completion
  • Type of shoot matched up with expectations and style

There are many other things that I cover in my phone consultation but these definitely all are answered and discussed. 

Keep in mind! Some offer same day reveal sessions (minimal editing), and some people schedule it a few weeks later (final edits done). Then once you order there is a 2-4 week turnaround time (this can also vary) to get the product in hand. So IF you have a deadline please mention that ASAP to make sure you can be accommodated. I would hate for you to need a product by a deadline only to find out after your shoot it isn’t possible.

To officially book your session, you need to do a little paperwork but after that, we start planning! We set up a collaborative Pinterest dream board for you, and I send a questionnaire. This is to further dive into what your expectations and wishes are from the shoot, and to get to know you even better! 

As your boudoir experience gets closer, you will also get a series of prep emails. I send you all the info you need including actual links to products that I think would look gorgeous. I never want to leave you in the dust!

The day is here!

On the day of your shoot, you come to my home based studio and pick your favorite beverage. You sit down, chat with the hair and makeup artists, and sip on said beverage while listening to your favorite music and relaxing as you get pampered! Once you are all dolled up, we lay out your outfits and pick the best 3 from what you brought. 

And then its game on! We shoot for up to 2 hours, and probably laugh and giggle the whole way through. My cheeks hurt more than my arms holding my heavy camera for those hours and we both get excited to view your images. We set a date for 2 weeks (ish) from then and its set! 

When you come back, we will grab a chocolate snack and a comfy seat, and view your photos on a large screen and (try to) narrow down your favorites. Usually we are here for about an hour gushing, crying, laughing, and trying to figure out the best products to display your sexiness for a lifetime. 

Make sure to check out my what to wear blog post so you can come ready to strut your stuff!

Any questions? I’d love to answer any and all questions you have about your own Boudoir Experience!

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