30 Flirty and Thriving

Did this movie make anyone else actually excited about turning 30? Just me? 

I actually loved turning 30. There was something about that turning point that felt so, well glamorous. I felt like I was finally allowed to come into my own, to definitively make decisions, to finally be taken seriously. I’ve always been an old soul (just look at the record player and collection in my living room) and was ready for adulting. When I turned 30 it seemed like adulting was ready for me and I was no longer a young stupid kid in most people’s eyes.

Since middle school, my guidance counselors had been telling me to “be more assertive”. Growing up I was kind of a door mat. I let people walk all over me, never set my own boundaries and was pretty miserable because of it. But by the time I turned 30, I realized I finally reached the goal criteria of assertiveness. I was able to define my life and stick to it…unapologetically. 

That is the biggest part of it. There are best selling books teaching women to be more be less apologetic which can tell you by that fact alone- we need to be reminded of it. 

If there was one thing I could channel to my younger self it would be “stop trying to please people. They are too concerned with themselves to notice what you are doing”. 

This is the hardest thing to get across to young people. Especially in the age of social media, we chase the likes, the comments, the interaction from people. We need to hear “good job!” When we already know we did a good job. We need to get that “gold star” from other people. That desire for validation is crippling when it doesn’t come. 

I loved turning 30, and it deserves to be celebrated! Don’t let this milestone age scare you, there are wonderful things to come my dear. 

What has been your favorite age so far?! Tell me in the comments!

Excited about turning 30? How about 40? 50? Let’s celebrate with a photoshoot!

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