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We’ll get ready for your session with my in-depth questionnaire and a shared Pinterest board. Then you’ll pick out some outfits that bring out your best features and make you feel sexy.

Prep & Plan

Once you sign your contract and pay your session fee, we’ll get your session on the books!

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Fill out my contact form and we’ll set up your free consultation. This is your chance to share your vision with me and ask me all the questions.

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Once your photos are ready, you’ll come back to the studio to view them. Choose your faves and pick the package you want, and you’ll have your beautiful images within a few weeks.

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While I’m working on processing your photos, I’ll send you a sneak peek so you can get a glimpse of the gorgeousness coming your way!

Sneak a peek at your photos.

You’ll come to the studio and get pampered with hair and makeup. The shoot lasts about 2 hours with 3-4 wardrobe changes. I promise we’re gonna have a blast, babe! And don’t you worry about posing—I’ll coach you through the whole thing.

your big day!

Hey lady, I’m Diane! 

I’m a Navy pilot-turned photographer, dedicated to helping every woman who walks through my studio doors feel like the amazing goddess she is. I know how hard it is to love your body and take care of yourself when so much of your life is spent taking care of others. And there’s nothing I love more than helping deserving women like you fall in love with themselves again (or sometimes for the first time!).

I spent 10 years as a pilot in the military, where women are few and far between. For way too many years, I felt like I didn’t belong. During that time, I met a lot of women who also struggled with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and lack of confidence. Women have a hard enough time believing in themselves as it is, let alone in an environment that’s so dominated by men. So I made it one of my personal missions to build up the women around me. I was constantly seeking out ways to help them feel more confident and empowered.

I’ve carried this mission into my work as a boudoir photographer. I believe women have the ability to do ANYTHING they want—but it all starts with a little self-love. I’m here to help bring that out in as many women as possible. I can’t WAIT to bring it out in you, lady!

meet diane

- Honey lattes
- Yoga
- Puppy kisses
- The color pink
- A home-cooked meal
- All kinds of sweets


- amy bloom -

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful”

"With all my insecurities, Diane was able to capture my perfections unknown to me, till now! It was a comfortable, fun and relaxing environment. I almost cried once I saw the final outcome, never did I know I could look so good!

It was such a wonderful day!!! We had fun, we laughed we through caution in the air!!!
Today I decided to love my body (although it betrayed me by being bloated). I embraced my curves, and trusted Diane Sebastiano! Without fail, she captured the best parts of me (suck it bloating)! I’m excited for the pictures and will hold this day dear to my heart."


"I recently had the privilege of being photographed by one of the most talented photographers I know.

I’ve never in my life taken boudoir photos... never even thought about it actually, especially after having a child! It was WAY out of my comfort zone, to say the least...

The thought of stripping down and lingerie modeling for one of my dearest friends- some one I see every day - had my anxiety going through the roof!

I walked into the photo shoot expecting to tense up, chicken out, and cancel my session. But Diane has this incredible way of making you feel truly empowered, confident, strong and fearless, even when you feel the most vulnerable!
She guided me through every pose and was extremely patient with my severe lack of modeling skills. She makes you feel beautiful again and helps turn your insecurities into self-love.

A boudoir shoot with Diane is more than just being sexy in lingerie, its an empowering experience that allows you to see another side of yourself that you may have not even known was there. "


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