Second boudoir photoshoot

mature woman bright and airy boudoir curtain inspiration

You know when you meet someone and they are simply electric? Well that is only one way to describe Miss K. She is one powerhouse of a woman, and has been through so much in her life. Despite all that, she wears an infectious smile on her face and keeps charging on. She’s one of those women that if you tell her she can’t be in the room she’d come back and buy the building. 

Her “why” on her polaroid says “to remind myself that I am lovely” and it couldn’t be more true. This was Miss K’s first shoot with me but not her first boudoir shoot and it shows! She settled in ready to own it and I could tell you the results were spectacular. Better yet, I’ll just show you.

bright and airy boudoir photo

If you have ever thought a boudoir shoot needs to be once in a lifetime experience, Miss K is proof that the experience gets amplified every time you do it. Usually I tell my clients the first 30 min is throw away time, but would you believe these two images are both from the first 30 min! When you come in for your second boudoir photoshoot (even if the first was with another photographer) you immediately get to pick up where you left off at the end of the last one.

classy boudoir blue bodysuit
classy boudoir image
classy white sheet boudoir
mature woman boudoir photoshoot inspiration

Sometimes women think this is a once in a lifetime experience, and I want to dispel that myth. When you come in for your first time you are SO nervous, and I always say the first 30 minutes are throw-away time. Now think back to the photos we got at the end of your session and how magical they were. That is where we get to start off on your second boudoir photoshoot! The sky is the limit on our second and third session, so let’s come in and create that magic. You KNOW you are going to love all of your photos.

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