But what do I wear?

This is probably the first question 90% of my clients ask once they have decided to book. Since your lingerie is still neon colors (aka from about 10 years ago), you have no idea what will flatter you since you aren’t 25 and out tanning every day of the summer anymore.

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My favorite thing to suggest is a teddy or bodysuit. Spoiler alert friends: they are pretty much the same thing! They both offer coverage where you want it, while still showing off your figure without adding bulk! 

So leave the baby doll at home mama, you don’t need that to cover up! 

A simple bra and panty set can go a long way! I even encourage you to look in your closet for an oversized t-shirt, button down shirt, or sweater that we can start in to build up to that Greek Goddess shot. 

As far as colors go, I am a big fan of neutrals, but try not to get anything that will make you look washed out. Jewel tones are beautiful on most skin types, but when in doubt don’t be afraid to just go with black!

After you book, I have an email with some gorgeous suggestions and actual links to purchase some items you may want to get. That way, you get to go home with some great pieces you feel good in, and maybe page through your boudoir album wearing them one day in the future. 

Your body has made humans. That is something to celebrate. I know it is a hard self acceptance gate to walk through, but don’t feel like you have to hide stretch marks. If they weren’t there, that would mean your kids aren’t either. Some days you may wish them away, but now is the time to celebrate your new body and all it has accomplished.

I carry some layering pieces and fun fabric in the studio, just to hit that artistic look and texture we are going for. Other than that, bring yourself, your clean face and a chunky sweater and be amazed at the classic images we create. 

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