Printing your Boudoir Photos

Why, we print them all out and use them as wallpaper all over your house, pretty lady. 

But in case that wouldn’t be as aesthetically pleasing to all of you I’ll give you some more options for printing your Boudoir photos.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your photos, and aren’t convinced you want to have photos of yourself up in your home, my suggestion is to plan on an album. An album is the perfect way to both conceal and celebrate yourself and your true beauty. You can put it away when the in-laws come, and take it out and gush over your photos when your girlfriends come over. (But I say, leave them out!) Honestly, the best of both worlds. 

Usually once you come in for your reveal session, you are so elated with how you look more exquisite than a Greek Goddess and decide to opt into getting some giant wall art as well. Don’t worry, Miss J has 5 kids and when she proudly hung her 20×30 framed print in her bedroom, her kids said “wowwww Mommy you look so pretty!”. Now, what better feedback do you need?

There are a few other goodies I offer as limited time products, but for the most part, most people opt for an album and wall art to round out their confidence celebration. 

You only print what you want!

You are able to to customize what you order and only order what you want and need! If you have an idea to do a three series photo to hang over your bathtub? Let’s create it. Want a 10×10 leather album with an acrylic cover? I got you.

If you have a special request for what you would like to see, just let me know! I’d love to create the perfect pairing for you and if we know that going into the session, I can even make sure I shoot for each aspect of it. 

Even if you don’t have a clue on what you would like to order, don’t worry. I have samples you can look at, touch and feel to get a better idea. I hold your hand the entire way so from planning to printing your boudoir photos you are never lost.

Want more on the whole process? Get the lowdown here!

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