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Fresh into the new year, and my inbox is full with inquiries about Valentines Day Boudoir shoots! I have been getting so many initial questions I figured I would answer all of my Boudoir Experience FAQ in one spot. If there is something you still want to know, drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it! 

Just remember, if you want to give a gift FOR Valentines Day, we have to shoot a few weeks prior to make sure we can have a product in hand for the actual day. Make sure you get on the calendar today as we are getting close!

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(Q) I have never modeled, nor taken off my clothes in front of anyone, are you sure Boudoir is for me?

(A) I actually prefer you NOT to have model experience! All of the women you see on my site are directed by me, all the way down to their expression and hands. I direct you from head to toe, so once you show up you just have to leave all the hard work to me and I will make you look and feel fabulous during your shoot. As far as being naked, you only have to be as dressed as you are comfortable. I have clients start more covered so we can warm up from there. Typically you only need a few minutes once we start shooting (and I tell my ONE joke) to start feeling comfortable and forget you are in your lingerie. 

(Q) Where will the session take place?

(A) I have a home based boudoir studio located near the outlets in Virginia Beach. It is suuuper centralized to Hampton Roads and easy peasy to get to from anywhere. If you prefer a different location please mention so in your inquiry and phone call with me! 

(Q) What should I wear? 

(A) I actually wrote a whole blog post about it you can read HERE. But if you want the quick answer, literally anything you want. If it makes you feel confident, bring it (I’ve even shot a woman in knee high sports socks!). My clients typically bring more options to choose from but we arrange 3-4 outfits for our shoot so you aren’t changing too much. With those, we throw on layering items (some of which I have) and accessories to change it up. 

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(Q) What kind of timeframe should I plan on?

(A) Unless you need something sooner and we talk about rushing your products, plan on coming back to the studio two weeks after your shoot to have a reveal session. From there, it takes 4-6 weeks from your product being paid in full to have it in your hands. Please let me know ASAP if you have a deadline. 

(Q) I need to lose 5 lbs. Can you just edit it out?

(A)Just like there is no good time to have a baby, you are never truly READY for a Boudoir shoot. I want you to love who you are today. If you have insecurities I do my magic with lighting and posing to help you feel more comfortable. I have a light editing style, but I do add that little something to make your skin look amazing. I do not do any body morphing in Photoshop! If something would not be there the day after the photo (think a bruise or acne) I edit that out but if it is permanent, it stays. And trust me, I take off at least 5-10lbs with posing alone 😉 . 

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(Q) What should I get as a gift? 

(A) Albums make perfect gifts and come in a beautiful storage box to safely store and look at for ages to come. If you want to wake up every day and be reminded of how much of a stunner you are, I also recommend wall art. It’s like a gift for both of you, so win win. I have plenty of sizes and options to fit all wishes and budgets so you will surely walk out of here with a gorgeous option no matter what. 

(Q) What can I do to prepare for my boudoir session?

(A) A little bit of self care can go a long way! Make sure leading up to your session you are taking care of your skin, and drinking enough water. Thats really all you need! I also cannot edit out body hair so if you want to shave, add that in.
If you would like procedures done here are my recommended timelines:
– Facial – about 1 week prior so your skin calms down
– Waxed -about 4 days prior to your session so there aren’t any bumps that show up
– Spray tan –  at least 3 days prior and take 2 showers after it. If you haven’t tanned before, I don’t recommend doing so before your session
– Hair touch ups – about a week prior but don’t try anything new!
– Nails- natural or neutral manicure and (matching) pedicure about a day or so prior (just nothing chipped)

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Got more Boudoir Experience FAQ? If I didn’t answer a specific question you are looking for please send me a message or leave a comment. I’d love to answer any questions you may have! 

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