What is boudoir anyway

When I told family and friends of my interest in photographing Boudoir sessions, I couldn’t even answer this myself. “You know, like Victoria’s secret” I’d tell them. 

But it is so much more than that. 

Boudoir is an intimate portrait experience that turns your insecurities into self love, self doubt into booming confidence. 

That is the beautiful answer, and it’s so true. 

A boudoir experience is all about rediscovering the beauty within yourself. It’s about falling in love with yourself again (or maybe for the first time). It’s about seeing yourself in a whole new light. 

After a long day at work, you can’t imagine putting on anything but sweats. Your athleisure closet has expanded more than your going out clothes, and your lingerie, non existent. You are a mother, so who has time for anything but leggings and keds right?

This is when a pause from the norm can come as such a refreshment for you, mama. Taking the time to intentionally shop for yourself, take a day away and just BE can be so powerful to fill your cup again.

My favorite part of every session is when you finally relax into my words and your skin, and realize that right now, nothing else matters. It is this escape into the present that allows me to capture your true beauty and soul. 

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