Welcome to the blog!

Let me just start out to say, I am so excited to have you on this journey. I haven’t posted regularly since the days of myspace (oh my, my age is showing through). This blog is for you, to walk in my studio doors better prepared and confident you made the right choice. I also hope that when you leave my studio, you want to shout with newfound confidence from the rooftops.

One thing I always say to potential clients, is make sure you find a photographer that you jive with. This is especially important in intimate sessions like boudoir. If you are never comfortable with your photographer, it will show through in your photos. 

Here, I will share previews of gorgeous sessions, my story and mission so you can walk in your session as a friend you will soon become.

So who is Diane!? 

Diane Grace Photography Hampton roads boudoir photographer

I am a mother of two gorgeous little girls and one fur daughter, wife to an amazing and handsome hubby, and a lover of honey lattes and all kinds of sweets. 

I am a Navy pilot-turned photographer, dedicated to helping every mama feel like the amazing goddess she is. After 10 years in the military, I learned how much women need encouragement to tune out the noise. There were plenty of times I felt like the imposter, felt I didn’t belong, and it was sometimes echoed by the male-dominated field. 

Every chance I got, I would lace in words of encouragement toward my fellow women because I felt if I could make them feel empowered and confident, it just may change their own success. 

Since I got out of the military, I have carried this mission into my work as a boudoir photographer. You can do ANYTHING mama, and sometimes a little self-love is all it takes to get you there. 

I’m so happy to have you here. Hopefully I can help you realize that you too deserve to do something for yourself for a change. 

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