Can feminists do a shoot?

One thing I have heard about my photos is “they don’t cater toward the male eye”. And honestly? I could think of no greater compliment. 

In a world where everything is sexualized (which you can see by working with a lot of men and saying a seemingly innocent phrase) and women’s bodies are constantly put on display, it is easy to look at the surface value of a boudoir shoot and think it is meant to be for men. 

Sometimes, the reason women come to me is because they need a gift for their wedding, or Christmas or birthday for their spouse or significant other. Don’t get me wrong, an heirloom album showcasing their favorite human is sure to be the best gift they have ever gotten. But I think of it more as showcasing their true beauty and self love over anything else. There really is nothing sexier than true confidence. 

Boudoir photography is meant to put the power back into women’s hands. To allow them to explore and celebrate who they were meant to be without all of the judgement of the outside world looming around. They get to be the star of the show and think of no one else’s needs but their own. Now, what is more feminist than that? 

The true meaning of a feminist really boils down to believing and advocating for equality among men and women. Equality to have the same options and rights as men. On the surface it may look like we do, but realistically there are still plenty of hidden barriers and mental changes we need to work through as a society. But that is a blog for another day…

Women are beautiful, powerful, strong and mysterious creatures. We have the capacity to carry on multiple decisions and conversations all at the same time, and have a fierce nature to protect those loyal to us. 

A boudoir shoot is all about celebrating each facet of a woman’s life. 

Just for her. 

womans silhouette

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