Why you need to be in the photos

So much of what we do is documented. That amazing food we just had, the crazy move someone pulled when driving, our kids lives. So why are we so freakin resistant to existing in our family’s documentation? 

I can guarantee you have never looked at someone’s photos at a funeral display and think- damn. Way too many photos of this person. Often, at least for me, I find that when people in my life pass I am scrounging to dig up any old photos of that person. Just to get one last glimpse of them like they are still here. 

Have you ever looked at a photo of your parent or grandparent and think “oh gosh they should have done their hair better that day” or “why on earth did they take this photo without makeup?”. No? Me either. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that thinks like that. Instead you see their hands, and are reminded of their hugs. You see their shoulder and remember the time they consoled you for hours. You see everything except the imperfections and want nothing more for that photo to come alive.

Even with all the technology these days (and despite the fact that we walk around with one of the best cameras on the market in our pocket every single day) it still seems that women and mothers in particular do not want to get in the photo. 

My self portrait journey is all about shaking up my own insecurities, and practice what I preach. I believe in mama existing in her own family’s legacy. I believe in never having enough photos. I believe in getting in front of the camera. But I share the same doubts as all of you. I don’t feel pretty. I could always be more tone. I haven’t prioritized my health. 

Even though I am not perfect, it doesn’t determine my self worth and worthiness to be in a photo. We all deserve to be remembered, preserved and celebrated. When your kids look at your photos one day, all they will be seeing is the warmth that was provided when they were in your arms, the smile you gave them when they look at you, and the kind soul they got to experience throughout their life. 

photographer self portrait

Can’t wait to see you in those photos too, mama.

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