10 Questions with Blushtones- Self Care

Introducing: Self Care Series!

Self care is such an important part of life balance that I wanted to allow you access to the best places to take care of yourself. What better way to start than with a pampering session at Blushtones!

Blushtones specializes in special occasion makeup (especially boudoir) and I love personally visiting their team and choosing them for your boudoir photos.

The mission of Blushtones is to bring out the natural beauty in each and every woman and allow you to see yourself through their work. Owner Leah has built this business for years to bring out the beauty in the everyday woman.

Blushtones owner Leah Laviano

1.How did you decide that you wanted to quit your day job as a teacher to pursue Makeup services? 

The main thing was time. I started Blushtones for many reasons but mainly it was time. I remember going in to work one random day thinking “Oh my gosh, I have to do this every day. For the rest of my life. Here?!”. The monotony of it made me panic, and I realized I needed to make a move with my side hustle (Blushtones) or else I’d get stuck.  

Now, with Blushtones I don’t have as much “off” time, because its a 24/7 business, but I can also do it on the beach, and also go to brunch on a Tuesday with friends. I love the opportunity that comes from making your own schedule. I’m sure I could find the right school, the right class to fit and I would be happy but the lifestyle that I wanted to live. 

2. You specialize in airbrush, but what is different from airbrush vs. regular foundation? 

It is important to say that traditional makeup is just as beautiful, and I still use it too. Some people think airbrush and think photoshop, but it really is not the same thing. The airbrush is just the vehicle to get the makeup on to your face. Airbrush makeup is more like a stamp on your face. If you try to move it or blend it, it won’t work. But if you wipe your face or scratch your face, you can take it off.  It is stamped onto your face so it won’t go anywhere. Whereas traditional makeup is more like paint. If you rub it off a little bit you can move some of the color over. You can smudge it and move it around a little bit. If you scratch your face or rub your nose you can move some of the color. 

Airbrush you can see a little more “skin”. It is full coverage but the texture of your skin comes through more than normal makeup. If you have large pores or a lot of acne scarring, airbrush will show more texture. Now for current acne (a blemish) I do prefer airbrush because it holds onto the blemish a little more instead of a brush with traditional makeup will move the makeup off the brush. Traditional makeup will be a little more of a liquid or a creme and will be a little more of a smooth finish. It can be a better option to smooth out any large scarring or pores. It isn’t great to do that on a daily basis, but you can smooth out the texture by allowing it to fill in those uneven surfaces on your face and can fill in some gaps. 

Some people who don’t necessarily use airbrush a lot have complaints about airbrush that it doesn’t have full coverage or last as long, but that isn’t true. That is like saying traditional makeup is cakey, which it isn’t, its just how you apply it. Let me airbrush you, I will show you. 

3. How can you find out if you have cool or warm undertones?

self care choosing a color for your own skin tone

If you look at the veins in your wrist, if they are a little more green looking then you are a little more yellow tones and if they look more blue, you have cool undertones. That is a quick way to do it. Some people are truly neutral but most have a little more yellow to their skin and less have more pink. Yours are a little more blue whereas you can see mine are a little more green.

4. If someone is trying to find a new foundation and match color, what is the best way to do that?

Once you find your undertone, you should match the color in the middle of your chest. Have someone at the makeup store help you (especially since there aren’t any samples) and match to your chest so you get nice blending. 

5. Why should you NOT DIY your makeup for an important event?

For special occasions if you need your makeup to last, and you’ll be having photos taken, like if you have a fancy dress maybe for a military ball, it just looks weird if you don’t finish your look. You can tell when you have professional makeup- your photos will pop more, it will be more noticeable. 

If you have your hair done and don’t get your makeup done now you really aren’t going to look finished. Get the whole thing! You can just sit down, relax and not worry about not knowing when to stop applying makeup. It’s the ultimate self care.

When you are paying for photos to get done, don’t waste your money. You will be getting your money’s worth by investing in professional makeup. And if you are going to get your makeup done, get your hair done too! Now you’ll really be finished! It also makes your experience a little more special and it will help your photos stand out a little more. 

Boudoir Hair and makeup included with each session self care

6. What is the ideal way someone can show up to get their makeup done?

Fresh faced! Especially if you are just coming from home to the studio, just come with a fresh clean face. If you are really dry, moisturizer is fine. 

I like to do everything myself because I don’t know how your products will react with my products. Sometimes products underneath can cause the makeup to react unfavorably such as cracking or peeling.

7. What do you recommend to someone who is somewhat of a makeup version and doesn’t know where to start to look for look suggestions?


Type in bridal makeup or boudoir makeup and you will get plenty of inspiration. Or even Instagram just type in a generic bridal or boudoir makeup and tons will come up. If you know the artist you are using, look at their page! You can see what they have done and what is possible. 

Blushtones website also has some signature looks that are requested to start out with also.

utilize self care to keep your sanity get makeup done makeup artist

8. What is a product that you cannot live without? 

Yes! The new Makeup by Mario pallette, he has a lot of cool stuff. I used to go with bigger brands but he is an actual makeup artist and knows what he is ding. One is a shimmer pallette and one is a neutral matte pallette (MASTER MATTES™ EYESHADOW PALETTE). They all go on smooth and blend really well and really no matter what you are looking for- warm tones, cool tones, browns it’s all in one pallet together. 

He also has a white highlighter that would go over your eye shadow for a little shimmer lid (its called MASTER CRYSTAL REFLECTOR™ QUARTZ). 

I don’t wear foundation every day but for when I do want to show myself some self care, I love MAC face and body foundation. It is a little thicker than a BB creme, but you do not have to powder over it. I don’t like to powder my skin and like a little more of a dewey look. It dries to the point where it won’t settle in your creases so you don’t have to powder. I put one layer on, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply again for a little more coverage. 

9. How should people go about choosing a makeup look that is good for them?


Type in bridal makeup or boudoir makeup and you will get plenty of inspiration. Or even Instagram just type in a generic bridal or boudoir makeup and tons will come up. If you know the artist you are using, look at their page! You can see what they have done and what is possible. 

Blushtones website also has some signature looks that are requested to start out with also. 

10. What is one thing you wish your clients knew before stepping in the door? 

makeup artist Blushtones owner Leah Laviano

That they will not look like the photo they brought in. Sometimes they get an idea in their head that you will look perfect and photoshopped. You are going to look damn good, but all of those photos you are brining in are photoshopped. Sometimes you will have different tones, amount of lid space, different eye shapes, or any number of differences. 

We all aren’t perfect, we all have skin, pores, noses, so we all have to have reasonable expectations on the final outcomes. There are more people speaking out on this, so I think it is getting better. 

Visit Blushtones and do some self care that you deserve!

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Hint: Pampering session included with every boudoir session! Want to know what else is included? Visit the Boudoir Experience FAQ Blog post!

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